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The Secretary-General’s Message on World Health Day
03 April 2014

Every year more than one million people die from diseases carried by mosquitoes, flies, ticks and other insects, such as triatomine bugs.

The National University of Uzbekistan hosts “UN Friday”
26 March 2014

The UN Office in Tashkent held the following “UN Friday” on the UN Family in Uzbekistan and the work it carries out in fulfilling the country’s MDG targets by 2015.

The Secretary-General’s Message on World Tuberculosis Day
20 March 2014

Tuberculosis is the world’s second most deadly infectious diseases among adults, after HIV/AIDS.

The Secretary-General's Message for the International Day of Nowruz
20 March 2014

Nowruz is a time when millions of people from Western, Central and South Asia and other regions around the world come together, as they have for over 3000 years, to celebrate the New Year and first day of spring.

UN Heads Up. UNAIDS priorities in Uzbekistan for 2014
04 March 2014

As part of the Heads Up 2014 series, the UN Information Office has interviewed Lev Zohrabyan, the UNAIDS Country Director in Uzbekistan with regards to the agency’s priority areas of cooperation with Uzbekistan in 2014.