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Remember 2012. UN in Uzbekistan – Highlight One

14 January 2013

The UN Information Office looks back at 2012 and asks audiences to name events they remember most in the life of UN in the country. Our first guest is Nodira Maksudova of Radio “Grande”.

- In my opinion, one of the biggest, most important events, organized in 2012, was the Song Contest on the Millennium Development Goals. It involved young, talented people from all over the country. Each entry was deep and a good indicator of how much effort participants invested into the creation of songs. I could see the talent, passion in participating youth, who used this unique platform given to them to showcase how much they cared for their country and wanted to help change happen. I believe they successfully drew public attention to some of the social issues and flag them up once again as part of the contest. 

About the MDGs Song Contest

The songs performed by the amateur singers and submitted in such popular musical genres as R&B, Rap and pop were evaluated by the competent jury, consisting of UNDP, UNPFA and the UN Information Office as well as famous TV presenters, composers and journalists. Songs touched on such issues as gender equality, HIV / AIDS, environment, healthy lifestyle, education, better standards of living. The competition included 89 boys and 13 girls, 64 songs were performed in the Uzbek language, 50 in Russian and 13 in English.

Jamshid Hodjiyev (Tashkent) and Elbek Rizaev (Bukhara) were awarded the First Prize of the Contest.