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Remember 2012. UN In Uzbekistan – Highlight Three

16 January 2013

Nargiza Kilicheva, a WIUT student and one of the most active participants of the UN events speaks about the brightest 2012 event which she says, has become her “UN Moment”.

Nargiza Kilicheva:

- Last year I visited several events organized by the UN Information Office. It was very interesting and informative for me because I have learned a lot. I obtained some useful materials by visiting “UN Fridays” especially. For example, I have attended the UN Friday on the subject “The future we want”.  I learned some alternative ways of saving energy. I also found some in-depth information about Sustainable Development. It was amazing to look at some issues from a different perspective. One of the speakers talked about social, political and environmental aspects of it. He said sustainable development is achievable on with a combined approach to these issues. It was a memorable event not only for the attending youth, but also for the community. That is why I was very impressed by this UN Friday.

About the UN Friday on “Youth and Sustainable Development: The Future We Want”

This “UN Friday” brought together a highly-respected group of national and international experts in Sustainable Development and Climate Change. They provided their individual perspectives on the topic of Sustainable Development, and especially how it can be enhanced through the involvement of youth volunteers and activists.

It was an overview of some of the main principles behind Sustainable Development. In particular, they mentioned the intrinsic need to find a balance between economic development and environmental preservation.

An important part of the programme was a videoconference with two international experts. They were Dr. Axel Michaelowa from the University of Zurich who was the member of an award winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Another expert and a guest of this UN Friday was Dr. Saqib Jafarey, the Dean of the Economy School at the City University of London. As the panel members stressed, in order to reach Sustainable Development within a rapidly developing nation such as Uzbekistan, all members of the society should be dedicated to striving towards and achieving the goal in a unified manner. Besides UN agencies, other international organizations and their national partners should team together to promote the idea further in their communities.