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Remember 2012. UN in Uzbekistan – Highlight Four

17 January 2013

Komila Rakhimova, UNDP Programme Associate on Gender speaks about her “UN Moment”  in 2012 - for her it was a photo exhibition devoted to non-traditional jobs and gender equality.

Komila Rakhimova:

- There are still many stereotypes about women’s and men’s role that limit our personal and professional choices and influence our work. However, there are also many interesting real life stories that help to challenge these socially imposed limitations. A big part of our work is positively changing people’s minds and winning their hearts so that each girl and boy, woman and man, can fully exercise their capacities and realize their dreams. So we decided to harness the power of photography and show real women and men working in non-traditional, unusual jobs that break stereotypes and inspire younger generation. Moreover, we would encourage young women in Uzbekistan to become professional photographers.

UNDP, together with colleagues from the United Nations Information Office in Uzbekistan, marked International Women’s Day 2012 by announcing a photo contest to feature women working in jobs that aren’t usually associated with women, or men working in jobs that aren’t usually associated with men. We got photograph submissions of a lot of women dancers, models, doctors, and teachers as well as men metalworkers, drivers, and engineers. Luckily, over 35 images from more than 10 photographers qualified and were presented in a two-week exhibition. The room was full of images of women drummers, jewelers, butchers, engineers, auto-mechanics, tram drivers, and those who are working in a non-traditional job. Just by living their lives, the women featured in the photo exhibit are helping to break stereotypes about “female” or “male” jobs and show the wide array of professions available for women in Uzbekistan. 

About the “Women`s vision” Photo Exhibition

The “Women’s Vision” exhibition, launched by the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Information Office at the Art&Fact was held in recognition of the International Women’s Day. As the conclusion of the “Women’s Vision” photo contest which took place for two months, there were selected images which portray women working in non-stereotypical professions. Each photo became a proof of the possibility to reach gender equality at home, work and in the society at the same time.