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UN Priorities in Uzbekistan in 2013. UNAIDS

21 January 2013

As part of our “Heads Up 2013” series, UN Information Office sat down with the Heads of UN Agencies working in Uzbekistan and asked them about their priority goals set for 2013.

Our first guest is Denis Haveaux, UNAIDS Country Coordinator in Uzbekistan.

-The first one is to support the country in what we call “Know Your Epidemic”, which is to improve the data collection mechanism. – said Mr. Haveaux. In his opinion it is extremely important to know where the country is in achieving its plans with regard to HIV/AIDS

UNAIDS has two exercises in the coming six months. The first exercise will help estimate the amount of people in risk-groups. The following one is to help estimate the number of people living with HIV in Uzbekistan. He also mentioned that it is important to estimate the number of people who are in need of treatment, including children.

Mr Haveaux says UNAIDS will continue supporting Uzbekistan in implementation of the National Strategic Programme and cooperate in fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS and raising awareness among the population.

Watch the full interview here.