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UN Priorities in Uzbekistan in 2013. UNESCO

22 January 2013

UNESCO in Uzbekistan plans to continue collaborating with the Government on developing science, culture and education. The UN Information Office sat down with Krista Pikkat from UNESCO Tashkent who told us about the agency`s plans for 2013.

“UNESCO is very pleased to be the part of the UN Country Team in Uzbekistan. First of all, we want to participate in supporting the authorities in the efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. We think that it is important for the UN to promote people - centered development.”- said Ms. Pikkat. She also added that UNESCO plans to carry out this mission through education, science, culture, information and communication.

“Culture is a means of contributing the economic development through handicrafts, restoration of monuments, promoting of cultural tourism. So, there are so many things we can do.”

Ms. Pikkat also spoke about the Joint Programme in the Aral Sea region which will remain a most important part of UNESCO`s work in Uzbekistan in 2013.

Watch the full interview here.