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UN Priorities in Uzbekistan in 2013. UNDP

23 January 2013

As part of our “Heads Up 2012” series, this time we are joined by Jaco Cilliers, the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative who talked us through his agency’s plans of this year.

Firstly, the energy efficiency and green growth: The UNDP will continue its collaboration with the Government of Uzbekistan to achieve further progress in energy efficiency and environmental stability.

Secondly, promoting the concept of quality service delivery in the regions of Uzbekistan. This is the core of a current “One Stop Shop” concept introduced by the agency and presently operating in various viloyats of around the Republic.

And thirdly, the agency will continue working with the people of Uzbekistan in creating better employment opportunities for the disabled and other vulnerable layers of population within its current “Inclusive Employment and Social Partnership” Project carried jointly with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The entire interview can be viewed on the UN Information Office’s Youtube channel here.