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UN Priorities in Uzbekistan in 2013. WHO

04 February 2013

Dr Asmus Hammerich, WHO Representative joined the UN Information Office today for the “Heads Up 2013” series in which he spoke about his Agency`s three priority areas in 2013.

Based on the statistics of the World Health Organization, globally Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) are now the biggest reason for over 60% of annual mortality. Non-Communicable Diseases cause 36 million deaths every year.

NCDs include but not limited to cardiovascular diseases (heart diseases), diabetes, cancers and lung illnesses. As Dr. Asmus Hammerich says, finding solutions to these health issues and promoting healthy lifestyles, especially in the area of maternal and child health (two of the Millennium Development Goals) compound the first priority of WHO in Uzbekistan in 2013. The organization will help the Government to finalize its first national strategy for NCDs and implement the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, as tobacco smoking is the most important factor for developing NCD.

The second priority of the World Health Organization is fighting against communicable diseases and promoting health security. The organization will focus to support Uzbek authorities in fighting  diseases such as tuberculosis, and especially its multidrug-resistant type. It will help the Government to introduce new diagnostic tests and to practice modern electronic surveillance methods. The Agency will continue assisting the authorities to strengthen its HIV/AIDS Programmes, implement the international health regulations, and enhance prevention of health effects of climate change in Karakalpakstan and other regions of Uzbekistan.

The third priority of the World Health Organization is the strengthening the building blocks of the health system in line with  global and regional recommendations , and promotion of access to quality primary health care throughout the country.

The entire interview can be viewed on the UN Information Office’s YouTube channel