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20 February 2013

Ms. Damira Sartbaeva, Regional Director of UN Women Sub Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, talks about the agency priorities for Uzbekistan in 2013.

“The sub regional office of UN Women office in Eastern Europe and Central Asia works in three main directions. First one- aimed at economic empowerment of women. Main focus here is given to vulnerable women in rural areas in order to improve their access to economic resources, such as financial credits, business opportunities and business development. In this direction UN Women works closely with Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan who supports our plans for community mobilization. Big support is coming also from the National Bank* of Uzbekistan, which provides microcredit to women with 3% interest rate.
Another direction of our work is to support CEDAW convention implementation. We support civil society groups, Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan as well as some state organizations to implement CEDAW in Uzbekistan. We are very glad that Uzbekistan has national plan to implement CEDAW in Uzbekistan. We are providing technical advice to support this implementation.
Another one very interesting initiative we are working on is implementation of women economic empowerment principles into private business. Very interesting and innovative initiative in Uzbekistan which increases social responsibility of private sector to promote gender equality. I believe that this initiative will bear good results in the future. “

*JSCB ‘Microcreditbank’ providing access to microcredits for the most vulnerable rural women with a special annual interest rate of 3% compared to the normal rate of 14%.

The entire interview can be viewed on the UN Information Office’s YouTube channel