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Jobs for each and everyone

The UN believes that it is ever so important to make sure the need of people with disabilities are fulfilled, and that we also include them in all areas of governance. The UN agencies in Uzbekistan strive to ensure that each citizen has equal rights, regardless of their physical or mental state. We spoke to Yana Chicherina on the outcomes of the "Inclusive employment and social partnership" project that worked to create inclusive working environment for persons with disabilities, vulnurable and socially handicapped women. 

The  project “Inclusive Employment and Social Partnership”, which was jointly implemented by the UNDP and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Uzbekistan, created working places for people from different target groups, who are most vulnerable.

Yana Chicherina , the leader of the project  sat down with the UN Information Office and spoke about some of the outcomes achieved. Ms.Chicherina says the project helped more than 4500 vulnerable man and women bring their lives back on feet.Additionally, the official web portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection now has  a map where more than 200 of social services provided by non-state entities can be found.

Furthermore,  the  unified information system labour market which allows citizens to find jobs to their preferences online.   

Follow this link to see the full interview with Yana Chicherina on how you can make your community inclusive.


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