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‘UN Friday’ - Generosity, Selflessness and Dedication

09 February 2012

Volunteers are in many ways the unsung heroes of modern society. They work tirelessly to improve their communities, help those in need, support their neighbours, and cooperate with government partners and humanitarian organisations for the greater good. They come from all backgrounds, professions, income groups and age brackets. They represent a global force of several million individuals, possessing the drive and motivation to actively contribute to sustainable Human Development. Uzbekistan is no exception to this trend, with volunteerism playing a traditional role in the nation’s culture.

However, despite the hard work contributed by volunteers around the globe and the informal respect that many of us have for their efforts, there has been little study or research compiled to determine the extent and breadth of volunteerism. There has been no definitive statement of its contribution to the societies, cultures and economies of nations around the world. In order to remedy this worrisome gap in global awareness, and to provide a resource that will be useful for government and non-government organisations alike, United Nations Volunteers has prepared the ‘State of the World’s Volunteerism Report’.

In order to recognise this innovative publication and its importance both in Uzbekistan and around the globe, the United Nations Information Office and UNV will conduct a joint UN Friday event on the 10th of February. As the latest event in the long-standing United Nations Information Office initiative which has presented the UN’s work to mass media representatives, the greater public and UN colleagues, this event will be a forum for discussing a global topic from a local perspective. The event will also draw attention to the work undertaken by Uzbekistan’s youth volunteers with the support of UNV and other partners, demonstrating how the right idea, combined with generosity, selflessness and dedication, can help make a significant difference.