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WIUT prepares to Launch Second MUN Club in Tashkent

15 February 2012

The UN’s operations are infinitely complex, understandable considering the organisation’s task to find comprehensive solutions to the world’s most complicated problems. Model United Nations conferences can also be complicated and full of challenges, but successfully overcoming these challenges can be extremely rewarding for participating student delegates.

In order to prepare such student delegates for their MUN conference at the Westminster International University in Tashkent on Saturday the 25th of February, during which they will discuss the matter of ‘The World of Seven Billion; Challenges and Opportunities’, the United Nations Information Office conducted a preparatory workshop at the university on Wednesday the 15th. Conducted by the United Nations Information Office colleague and MUN guru Utkirbek Tadjimov, this event was designed to cater to both MUN veterans and new delegates.

 An Introduction to Model United Nations

During the MUN workshop, Mr. Tadjimov divided the participants into those who had already taken part in MUN events, and those who were new delegates. While working with the latter group he provided an overview of the MUN’s purpose; to serve as a representation of the actual UN conferences conducted in New York by ambassadors and delegates around the world. In MUN conferences, participating student delegates represent the UN ambassadors of different nations, debating issues of global importance (like the implications of the world’s population reaching the 7 billion mark) from the perspective of their particular nation. During these debates the student delegates work to formulate resolutions which address the issue discussed in a mutually-beneficial way. This process is naturally complicated and can occasionally bring out heated emotions, so a significant part of Mr. Tadjimov’s tutorial was dedicated to highlighting the importance of using official procedures and vocabulary. After covering this topic, Mr. Tadjimov asked that all the workshops events, including the veteran delegates, complete worksheets that tested their knowledge of MUN procedure. The four most attentive participants, including the students Angelina Nazarova, Dilnoza Muslimova, Sanjarbek Aliev and Bilol Tuldoshev, all received appropriate recognition.