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UNDP Summer School – Take HD for your Summer

The ancient Samarkand is hosting UNDP’s Summer School on Human Development for the seventh year in a row.

Through interactive workshops, seminars and training modules, the annual school aims to guide, teach, and show the participants ways to assess and understand human development. UNDP expert and school facilitator Elena Danilova Cross talks about the impact of the knowledge gained during these sessions on the participants.

Through Learning in depth about the environment, economic growth, human rights and gender equality, the trainees can expand their worldview and get information about how they can take an active part in these processes.

As part of the programme, they learn about such pressing global issues as the Millennium Development Goals and ways to make development sustainable. They also interact with their peers  from various countries in the region. "This knowledge will help expand the worldview of the participants’ , who then share it with their communities, and make their own contributions to help change the world for the better," - says Elena Danilova Cross.

Watch the full video here

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