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Diplomacy at Its Best: Model United Nations at WIUT

25 February 2012

Throughout the last few years the Model United Nations (MUN) programme has played an important role in ensuring that Uzbekistan’s school and university students can develop an awareness regarding both issues of global importance, and the United Nations’ important functions on an international scale. Today saw the continuation is this great tradition, with the Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) conducting its first MUN conference to great success.

This event, which saw the participation of Tashkent delegates both new and familiar, addressed the vital question of how our fragile global community should adapt to the world’s rapidly-growing population of seven billion. This ground-breaking occasion which also featured the launch of WIUT’s first MUN club, incidentally the second such organisation in Tashkent, was hosted by the United Nations Information Office, the United Nations Populations Fund, and the university itself.  

-Why Was the MUN Conference at WIUT Important?-

 Today’s MUN conference was important for two reasons; firstly, it provided students both at WIUT and other Tashkent universities the opportunity to enrich their formal education, while secondly it offered promising minds and intellects a much appreciated chance to discuss such a prominent topic as the opportunities and challenges presented by a world of Seven Billion.