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The World Bank

Mr. Takuya Kamata - Country Manager


The World Bank's mission in Uzbekistan is to help improve the standard of living of the nation’s citizens. It provides advice and financial support in order to enhance social services and modernise the country’s infrastructure. The World Bank works with the government and people of Uzbekistan, sharing knowledge and development experiences from around the globe.

Main areas of work

The Bank Group’s new strategy is designed to support the Welfare Improvement Strategy (WIS), adopted by the Uzbek Government in 2007. In particular, it aims to achieve measurable progress in the following areas by 2011:

• Enabling an environment which allows for shared growth;
• Increasing income and economic opportunities in rural areas;
• Improving service delivery for better health, education, and water supply to populations;
• Improving the business environment for the private sector;
• Ensuring efficient environmental management, disaster risk management, and the provision of global public goods;
• Providing policy advice in these key areas.

Key partners

Government agencies:

• The Ministry of Finance;
• The Ministry of Economy;
• The Ministry of Health;
• The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources;
• The Ministry of Public Education;
• The Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investment and Trade;
• The Central Bank of Uzbekistan;
• The State Committee of Privatization;
• The State Committee on Nature Protection.

Development agencies:

• The Asian Development Bank;
• The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
• UN agencies;
• The International Monetary Fund;
• Other bilateral and multilateral development agencies.


• Civil society;
• Parliament;
• Academia;
• Youth;
• The private sector.

Contact information

The World Bank
International Business Centre,
15th Floor, 107 B, Amir Timur Street, Tashkent 100084
Tel: 998 71 238 59 50
Website: www.worldbank.org/uz