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UN Communication Group coordinates and harmonizes communication, advocacy and outreach efforts of the UN Agencies on the cross-cutting issues - to reduce costs and maximize impact of the UN System public information activities in Uzbekistan.

 General Working Principles:

  1. Develop a UN Country Team Communication Strategy for approval by the Coordination Committee;
  2.  Ensure that Millennium Declaration Goals are incorporated into the concept of the Communication Strategy;
  3. Facilitate the implementation of the Communication Strategy and subsequent Work Plans;
  4.  Facilitate economies of scale by facilitating jointly-funded initiatives within the UN System and with non-UN entities;
  5.  Work closely with the UN Thematic Groups in regards to public information matters;
  6. Actively support the work of the UNIC;
  7. Facilitate the UN System publications and the UN-Uzbekistan web site;
  8. Maintain active contacts with the media.


UN Communication Theme Group Members:

Matluba Mukhamedova, Chair, World Bank 

Savita Naqvi-Verde,  UNICEF

Aziza Askarova, UNFPA

Bakhtiyor Khalikulov, UNESCO

Nigina Baykabulova, UNICEF

Maksim Fazlitdinov, UNICEF

Nargiza Egamberdieva, UNICEF

Bobir Komilov, UN Information Office

Utkirbek Tadjimov, UN Information Office

Laylo Fotikh, UNDP

Galina Fomaidi, UNODC

Diana Ibragimova, UNAIDS 

Sharaf Yuldashev, WHO

Vojtech Hledik, UNV

Farzona Khashimova, UN WOMEN