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The HIV/AIDS Core Theme Group is in a position to determine the appropriate mechanisms for the oversight and accountability of the individual members of the AIDS Team. The group also offers rapid decision-making and the resolution of disputes or other impediments that may affect the Theme Group’s functioning. The group’s activities include:

 A joint review of the implementation of HIV/AIDS activities by the Co-sponsors;

  • The coordination and the joint-undertaking of programme HIV/AIDS activities among UNTG members, within the context of the national strategic plan;
  • Ensuring that UNAIDS policies and programme guidance are applied by the UNTG members and are promoted with the support of other partners in the country;
  • Sharing information regarding HIV/AIDS activities undertaken or supported by the members;
  • Promoting political commitment, multisectoral involvement and appropriate policies, including those that address human rights policies, with the counterparts of the UNTG members;
  • Assisting the government in the organisation of periodic coordinated resource-mobilisation exercises (Round-tables), in support of the National Operational Plan;
  • Review and coordinate national partners to the Co-sponsors for technical or financial support.

 HIV/AIDS Theme Group Members:

 Michel Tailhades, Chair, WHO

Tatiana Shoumilina, UNAIDS

Mahboob Shareef, UNICEF

James Callahan, UNODC

Loup Brefort, World Bank