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The real difference will be if people, if everyday citizens, start saying ‘We need MDGs to happen!’

 Mass media is a powerful tool, used to send messages to the greater public. It serves as an important source of information and analysis that can shape people’s perspectives and views on the MDGs. This communication strategy can have a significant impact by modifying the behaviour of individuals in order to generate popular support and pressure for political change.

 To ensure wide, national coverage of MDGs in Uzbekistan, the UN Country Team will focus its efforts on:


Trainings for journalists, aimed at:


  • Raising awareness about global MDGs, and nationalized MDGs in Uzbekistan. Also, raising awareness of the work of UN Agencies in respective areas;
  • Improving the quality of media coverage of MDG-related issues and projects in assisting in achieving MDGs;
  • Establishing and improving contacts with media representatives, and stimulating further cooperation;
  • Maintaining constant dialogue with journalists regarding how the UN can improve the media/outreach part of its work, in order to improve the general public’s understanding of MDGs.
  • Provide an ideal opportunity to announce the forthcoming journalism contest, provoking additional interest and stimulating the coverage of MDGs in Uzbekistan.

The creation of a series of MDG TV spots to be broadcast on National TV channels: The aim of this initiative is to encourage the presentation of a strong message regarding each MDG, showing the realities of living conditions in both urban and rural areas while offering a promising picture of where we can be in 2015. The messages are designed to provoke public feedback, while making people think what we, as individuals, organisations, and local and national authorities, can do contribute to the achievement of MDGs in Uzbekistan.

The production of MDG radio programs: The main message ‘Our goals - our future’ should reach homes and communities in different parts of the country. Through storylines, we aim at address the everyday lifestyles that Uzbek people experience. By doing this, we can introduce the national goals and new Government commitments towards achieving a number of goals. These goals include the need to address living standards, the quality of education, gender issues, maternal and child health, the spread of diseases, and environmental issues. The storylines are also aimed to enhance community understanding of development goals. We aim to bring MDGs into the daily discourse of schools and families, and of mahallas and local administrative offices, in order to enhance the national ownership of MDGs.

A nationwide MDG photo contest: The contest ran in Uzbekistan from June to August 2003. It was designed to generate Uzbek photographers’ interest to the Millennium Development Goals, so that they may help to raise MDG awareness among the general public. The competition received some 200 photographs, both black and white and in colour. Taken by both professional and amateurs, these photographs illustratedthe various dimensions of MDGs and revealed their direct relevance to our daily lives. A jury selected the best photographs for each MDG, while the award ceremony and MDG photo exhibition took place in December 2006.