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Pupils Are Against Their Participation In Armed Conflicts

20 November 2012

Children like playing in adult games. Some of them do it with real weapons, putting other people’s and their own lives in danger. This was the subject in the recent Model UN held by the UN Information Office together with School #50, Tashkent.

This is the most active and vibrant MUN Club in the country and has hosted 9 similar conferences for the last four years. This time the event addressed the issue of “Children in armed conflicts”.

Elena Anatolyevna Vedenskaya, a history teacher is the person behind all these creative engagements and has supported the pupils with preparations for the MUN. She says the conference has been timed to coincide with the day the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted (November 20, 1989) and also marks the 20 years since the country ratified it.

Performing as the delegates of different countries, the pupils represented their positions on the issue of children in armed conflicts following which, as the rule goes, they adopted a  unanimous resolution voicing their suggestions and feedback.

The UN Information Office handed over certificates to the active members of discussions and praised the pupils’ enthusiasm in tackling the contemporary issues of children’s rights all around the world. 

The author

Ohista Jamshid

Editor, UN Information Office