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The partnership between Uzbekistan and FAO has been evolving since the country joined the Organization in 2001, and was recently strengthened with the opening of a Representation and the signing of a Host Country Agreement in 2014. Delivered through national as well as regional projects, technical assistance has covered a wide range of areas, including diversification of cropping systems, livestock production and disease control, locust control activities, and increased fisheries production. 

Sustainable natural resources management and organic agricultural production are further features of current cooperation.


II.Main areas of work

FAO’s assistance in Uzbekistan is shaped by the 2014-2017 Country Programming Framework (CPF), which focuses on five thematic priorities: 

  • Diversification of cropping systems and sustainable production intensification, with a view to support the development of sustainable, high-value crop production for domestic and export markets;
  • Promotion of efficient locust control techniques, integrated pest management (IPM), conservation agriculture and other good agricultural practices;
  • Livestock production and disease control, along with beekeeping, with a view to minimizing risks from brucellosis and other transboundary animal diseases and hazards, increasing animal production, and improving beekeeping and poultry production;
  • Aquaculture and inland fisheries development, with a view to support sustainable increases in inland fish production;
  • Sustainable natural resource management, including development of the forestry sector, increased income generating opportunities for rural populations, promoting sustainable land management, improving water resource use for sustainable irrigated agriculture, and proactive drought risk management;

Jointly prepared with the Government and other partners, the CPF reflects relevant national policies and strategies while supporting FAO’s corporate strategic objectives and regional priorities. It is fully aligned with the new United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for Uzbekistan 2016-2020.


III.Contact information

UN FAO Representation in the Republic of Uzbekistan

2, University str., Qibray district,

Tashkent region 100140, Republic of Uzbekistan

Telephone:+998 71 260 44 41

Fax: +99871 260 4312



FAO Representative in Uzbekistan: Sherzod Umarov