Improving Treatment and Support for People Living with HIV

As the world embarks on the new set of global development targets, along with an integrated approach to various health issues, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on nations to commit to ending the AIDS epidemic as part of the SDGs. In support of this effort, the Ministry of Health, with the technical support of the United Nations in Uzbekistan, is taking a holistic approach within the health system for inclusive treatment, support and care of people living with HIV, aimed at improving their lives and overall well-being.

Included in the set of actions toward this end has been the national adaptation of the latest international guidelines on HIV treatment, care and prevention, followed by a national training in implementation of the new standards for medical personnel representing all regions of the country. The new national standards now comply with the most recent scientific findings and international recommendations.

During the training, which was conducted by recognized international experts and involved specialists from the Republican AIDS Centre, stakeholders completed a critical analysis of remaining gaps in the HIV treatment options currently available in Uzbekistan. This important analysis later has been presented to the Ministry of Health to help guide the country in providing the best treatment possible for those who are HIV-positive.


UN family in Uzbekistan