Key UN observances

The United Nations observes designated days, weeks, years, and decades, each with a theme, or topic. By creating special observances, the United Nations promotes international awareness and action on these issues.  The majority of observances have been established by resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, although some have been designated by UN specialized agencies.  The United Nations also observes anniversaries of key events in its history. Read more 

Below is the list of United Nations designated days observed by the UN system in Uzbekistan at interagency level:

World Health Day (7 April)

World Press Freedom Day (3 May)

World Environment Day (5 June)

International Youth Day (12 August)

United Nations Day (24 October)

16 Days of activism (25 November)

World AIDS Day (1 December)

International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December)

Human Rights Day (10 December)


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