Simplifying Public Service Delivery to Businesses

Public service delivery to businesses through One Stop Shops (OSS) promises to bring a new level to not only improved public administration and e-governance, but also to an improved business environment across the country. The OSS are especially cost-effective for entrepreneurs in terms of time spent on requests and applications.

In this regard, the United Nations in Uzbekistan is supporting the Government to formulate key provisions of the Presidential Resolution "On measures to further improve provision of public services to entrepreneurs under ‘one-stop-shop’ principle.” The Resolution envisages transparent registration, permit and licensing services for entrepreneurs, as well as provision of free information to applicants, including consultations on procedures and expected time frames of service provision.

The United Nations in Uzbekistan also is providing expertise and advice to the Government in the setting up of pilot OSS in selected districts, with the aim to test and improve their performance and scale up this experience to 193 service points nationwide.

As recent analysis has shown, it takes an average enterprise 107 procedures and 662 days to go through the registration and permission cycle (measured by the World Bank’s Doing Business indicators). These are more than mandated in current legislation, by a substantial 56 procedures and 228 days, and quite far above the best-performing countries in terms of their business climate.

The launch of OSS thus is expected to enable the Government to cut and streamline business procedures, improve time efficiency in public service provision and reduce the cost of doing business, especially for small enterprises. At the same time, it is expected to gradually improve service provision modality of Government agencies.

UN family in Uzbekistan